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"My significant other works in the nutrition and dietitian space, and one big problem with Chat GPT is that it is trained on non-scientific data. She was ecstatic to see that with Seamless you are provided the research articles that the analysis is based on." - John


"Since English is not my first language, this helped me understand my scientific journals better." - Yang, 2nd Year Robotics Student From Shanghai


"Having lighting fast access to scientific databases makes part of my job way faster " - Steven, Humanities Professor from New York


"This cutdown the time it took me to write a proper literture review from 1 week to 1 hour!" - Chen, 3rd Year Engineering Student From Beijing

Frequently Asked Questions

With Seamless, researchers can input a paper description and Seamless will generate a literature review grounded on real papers. Seamless searches the Semantic Scholar database of scientific papers (that covers the scientific works published in most of the topics), and blends together the relevant papers with the user description to create the literature review. The last step is done using large language models like GPT-4.

One credit is consumed every time a new literature review is generated. So 10 credits are 10 literature reviews.

We offer three pricing tiers. You can get 10 credits ($9.99), unlimited monthly credits ($29.99), and unlimited yearly credits ($214.99).

Seamless can produce publication-ready literature reviews in any field. These include: engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology, law, medicine, pharma, business.

Every user is limited to 20 queries every 24 hours.

In the top right hand side of your dashboard there is a button called "Manage Your Account". There you can cancel your subscription.

You can write a mail to us at founders@seaml.es and we'll reply within 24 hours.